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What is a Power Interview?

One of our 8A Network staff members interviews candidates streamed live for employers to stop by, watch, and listen. We take interview questions from the employers themselves and it’s a great way to tell your story. Resumes don’t highlight your true worth, and our Power Interview solution allows you to be seen and heard by employers looking for talent just like you.

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Those candidates actively supporting their own candidacy are selected for one of our weekly Power Interviews

The Benefits of Participating

Benefit 1

Candidates who are highlighted as a Power Interview Candidate receive, on average, 10 interview requests within 7 days

Benefit 2

Power Interview Candidates, on average, receive 3 job offers within 30 days.

Benefit 3

Hundreds and sometimes more than a thousand employers watch our Power Interviews

Benefit 4

You Improve your candidacy by marketing yourself in a more viral way.

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