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What is a Lead-in Interview?

Employers on the Inclusive Network are committed to promoting diversity hiring and an inclusive workplace. Those employers are invited to a monthly, live video streaming interview. As a lead-in interview candidate, you'll be interviewed by one of our staff members live and streamed to tens or hundreds of employers at once.

Lead-in Interview

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Those candidates actively supporting their own candidacy are selected for one of our weekly Lead-in Interviews

The Benefits of Participating

Benefit 1

Candidates who are highlighted as a Lead-in Candidate receive, on average, 10 interview requests within 7 days

Benefit 2

Lead-in Interview Candidates, on average, receive 3 job offers within 30 days.

Benefit 3

Hundreds and sometimes more than a few hundred watch our Lead-in Interviews

Benefit 4

You Improve your candidacy by marketing yourself in a more viral way.

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